Strategic Management Business Journal strictly enforces manuscript acceptance rules. Please see Submission Requirements to find out more about the script formatting requirements. Before you submit your manuscript, make sure you have gone through the checklist below and the preparation and delivery guide.

Essential checks

1. Make sure you submit the final version of your manuscript. Once your manuscript is accepted for publication and received at Administration Journal no further changes can be made.

2. Do not submit papers to Strategic Management Business Journal if they have been published somewhere else, or are being considered for publication elsewhere.

3. If your paper uses figures, tables, or parts of text that have been published elsewhere, you need permission from the copyright holder.

4. Submit your paper as a Word or LaTeX file. We do not accept manuscripts in pdf file format.

5. Remember to include a title, all author names and affiliations, and the corresponding author’s email address.

6. Check the journal website for any journal-specific or subject-specific style elements, such as keywords.

7. Provide an abstract that avoids abbreviations or reference citations. 8. Define all non-standard abbreviations when they first appear.

9. Number tables and figures, ensure they all have a legend. Define the meaning of any bold or italic formatting in your tables. Figures should be high-resolution and in a common image format (e.g. .eps or .tif).

10. All references should be readable and accurate. You do not need to format references to the journal’s style when you first submit your paper.

11. Include acknowledgements, conflict-of-interest declarations and details of funding sources and grant numbers at the end of your paper. Include the full funder name. Use author initials to indicate which authors received grants. See cover letter.

12. Check the journal’s Data Availability policy, and ensure your paper follows it.

13. Include all supplementary data files with your submission.

14. Use Word’s ‘Insert equation’ and ‘Insert symbol’ functions to insert symbols or special characters. Do not use images. Times New Roman and Arial Unicode MS typically provide the widest range of symbols and special characters.

For more details on the requirements for receiving the manuscript, please open the Submission Requirements menu. After reviewing your manuscript, we may ask for editable files, higher resolution figures, or edited files to fit journal style.

Writing Tips

Articles written for Strategic Management Business Journal are targeted at readers from undergraduate level and above and are of interest to specialists, and should be accessible to readers working in related disciplines. Some basic guidelines for improving the clarity and readability of your articles are:

• Authors should provide sufficient background information to ensure non-expert readers can understand the discussion.

• Authors should discuss the implication of the work under discussion rather than describe a study's findings.

• Although the discussion within an article should be balanced, authors should not list or describe every paper within the field; we expect authors to select, discuss, and interpret the papers they feel are most important.

Overuse of abbreviations, acronyms, or jargon-laden language can hamper readability. Authors should, therefore, use plain language to explain concepts and restrict the use of abbreviations while adhering to the agreed word limit.