Author service is a service provided to authors to facilitate the delivery and publication of manuscripts. Please follow the steps described below because the Strategic Management Business Journal uses an online submission system.

• Register

At this stage, before you send the manuscript to the journal editor, please open it in the register menu. Register yourself completely by entering your department name, affiliation, email, username, and password. After completing the registration, the journal admin will automatically send an electronic mail (email) to your email containing your username and password to log in to the journal.

• Log in

After receiving an electronic mail (email) reply from the journal admin, please open it in the login menu by entering your username or email and password. The login menu aims to make it easier for you to send the initial manuscript and send the revised script. You can also correct (edit) the submitted manuscript, delete the manuscript if there is an error. If you have any difficulties, please ask the journal administration directly by email at: or